Renewable Energy Solutions in Sierra Leone
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Supply of components

Supply of components such as solar modules, inverters, DC solar cables and other necessary equipment for solar power plants

German Energy offers general contractor services for renewable energy projects, especially in the field of solar energy. As a general contractor, we carry out work on the development, planning, configuration, design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of renewable energy plants and are prepared to support projects as the customer's representative.

Sale and distribution of equipment for solar power plants

German Energy provides services for the sale of key equipment for industrial solar power plants. In the segment of projects up to 200 kW we work on B2B sales. We help you to buy solar modules, inverters, DC solar cables and other necessary equipment at the most favourable conditions with German quality. We cooperate with the largest manufacturers of solar modules and inverters in the world.

Through our parent company, we can offer all kinds of devices and components for installation at your site or to supplement solar power plants of different types (grid, stand-alone, backup, hybrid). We select for you solar modules, inverters, supporting metal structures or trackers, solar cables and other necessary equipment.

Equipment for solar power plants

One of the priorities of our company is to offer a maximum of service from one source, which provides the customer with the most sensible and balanced solution. The important stage is therefore the selection of the most suitable equipment that will most effectively solve the customer's technical problems. German Energy works without long chains of dealers and in most cases has established direct contractual relationships with equipment manufacturers. This arrangement enables us to offer our customers not only the most attractive guarantee conditions but also to make competitive offers. Quality is always our priority.

In most cases, when carrying out "turnkey" projects, we refuse to represent the interests of a single manufacturer in favour of maximum customer satisfaction. Therefore, we try to work with several suppliers for each product position. Our specialists have carried out a careful analysis and selected the most reliable suppliers of qualitative equipment in each of the directions of activity of our company. In any case we can offer you the most optimal complete set of the object by the equipment, taking into account the specificity of the area and all your requirements.

By cooperating with German Energy you can be sure that you will get the best price-quality ratio for the equipment and accessories.

Therefore, if you are interested in a solar power plant, we are ready to offer you the full range of services. Our solutions are sold throughout the entire territory of Sierra Leone. In addition, our company provides a detailed description of solar power plants, characteristics and various recommendations regarding the location of the object, calculations of expected capacity and so on.

Contact us; we are ready to produce "green" electricity with you.


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