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About German Energy

German Energy (SL) Ltd. introduction of the company

German Energy (SL) Ltd. was founded to bring the know-how from Germany to Sierra Leone. With our innovative service, we want to help the people in Sierra Leone to generate and use electricity in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our engineers use the latest technologies and develop projects holistically.

Our German roots should be directly obvious to everyone; therefore, this is also the first priority in our company name.

Despite crises and fluctuations in energy prices, the solar power industry continues to develop rapidly worldwide and is experiencing a real boom. Today, solar energy is one of the fastest growing and most promising segments of the global energy industry. The energy potential contained in renewable energy sources is many times greater than the energy requirements of the entire global infrastructure. The pace of development of solar energy (the annual growth of solar power capacity is 50%) and technological improvements strengthen our belief that the global energy system will become so energy efficient in the near future that it will be able to meet its needs solely on the basis of energy from renewable natural sources. This is exactly our mission. We are going where solar energy can best be produced and where the people needs it. Therefore, we come from Germany to Sierra Leone to establish environmentally friendly, advanced, technically advanced technologies for power generation and the reduction of energy consumption by introducing energy-saving technologies.

Since 2009, our company has been operating in Germany as ReGeTech GmbH and has completed countless projects worldwide during this time.

German Energy (SL) Ltd. is a company that focuses on the development and investment in the African energy market of engineering solutions using renewable energy sources. Our aim is to achieve a wide and broad dissemination of effective and advanced principles of energy use, with the maximum possible involvement of renewable energy production. We want to contribute to a more friendly society towards our common home - planet earth. We position ourselves as a socially responsible company that makes our best contribution to respect and friendly attitude towards the environment by introducing and promoting environmentally friendly and safe technologies.

We are a team of highly qualified specialists with many years of practical experience in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Our professional experience and qualifications are a guarantee for the realization of projects of any complexity. In addition, individual approach to each client will provide the most effective and efficient solution to the problem, which then turns into a mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.

German Energy (SL) Ltd. provides services related to development and construction projects of renewable energy facilities, including:

  • Planning of solar power generation plants of different capacities.
  • Project management for the construction of power generation plants as well as transmission and distribution systems for generated electricity (for low, medium and high voltage) as general contractor.
  • Execution of the entire commissioning cycle as well as the startup of the power generation plant into industrial operation.
  • Complex service, technical and operational maintenance of solar PV power plants.
  • Industrial and business consulting in the field of solar renewable energy.

Why German Energy?

  • German Energy is your expert for consulting, development, planning, construction and operation of solar power plants.
  • Since its foundation, our company was and is primarily focused on solar energy.
  • We have gained and systematized a lot of practical experience in the field of solar energy in Germany, EU and Australia, including in the construction of industrial solar power plants "turnkey"
  • We have extensive experience in the development of industrial solar power plants, including solving land issues and obtaining permits for the connection of such plants to the grid.
  • German Energy offers top photovoltaic plants at special prices through wholesale purchasing in our industrial projects; we can offer branded plants at very attractive conditions.
  • Our engineers have been trained and certified by the equipment manufacturers who are our main suppliers.
  • We have the opportunity to present the solar power plants we have built and not just talk about them.

Please contact us to ensure that your project is also successfully built in Sierra Leone and remains profitable in the long term.

German quality remains German quality!


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